Ep. 25: Crutches

This is by far the most honest episode, and also the shortest one. I get really REAL about my own crutches and how I've pushed through them and gave you some things to reflect upon in your own life. Because here's the thing: I'll never ask you to do something I'm unwilling to do myself. And the things we lean on to mask our own insecurities or what we perceive to be inadequacies need to be examined so we can compassionately love and accept ourselves wholly.

I also mention in the episode my upcoming program Due North.We're going to be digging into the work from January to March with an in-person urban retreat in February. Get all of the details about how you can navigate life using your inner compass with more confidence and clarity. Registration is on until the end of the month, or whenever the spaces are filled - whichever happens first. Check it out: www.seryna.ca/duenorth

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